Job Analysis

Conducting a job analysis is the one of the most critical parts of an HR management system and therefore it has to be conducted with extreame care and in proper manner. A job analysis can be defined as:

         "A purposeful, systematic process for collecting information on the important work-related and worker-related aspects of a job"

In work-related aspects we study the core tasks and duties which comprises that specific job. Those can be maintaining the record files, assisting the higher staff for a clerical job. And in worker-related aspects of a job we analyzed the basic human behavours that are required to perform such job.

Some of the information gathered during a job analysis is as follows:

  1. Work activities - what a worker does; how, why and when these activites are actually conducted.
  2. Work environment - analyze the actual working condition for the job under consideration
  3. Tools and Equipment - identify the main tools and equipment that a job holder will be using during his job.
  4. KSAs required - personal knowledge, skill and abilities required in a person to perform such a job.
The process of recruitment and selection of a company mainly depends on the quality of job analysis because if the job analysis is not done well then the whole system could be collapsed. Job analysis information could be gathered from many sources like actual persons who are performing the job and their supervisors. Some subject matter experts (SME) can also be interviewed to know about the job under consideration.

Job Analysis is a very simple and easy concept but if you still have some confusion or you want to further contribute on this topic feel free to write.


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