What is CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst

CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst certification is a self study, graduated level degree for investment professionals. In CFA program you are required to study and pass three exams. These three exams are called Level I, II and III. When you sign up for CFA program you are required to clear these three levels sequentially Level I exam is held in June and December but Level I and II are held only in June across the world. There is a curriculum which is revised every year to meet dynamic changes for investment industry.

CFA in Pakistan:          Although CFA is considered to be a self study program for investment professionals but here in Pakistan almost all accountancy schools are offering teaching facilities for CFA. Its looks like CFA is going to take place of ACCA in Pakistan.

Scope of CFA:          If you look 2 to 3 years back there was no such awareness in market for CFA charter holders but now all of sudden it become very hot and investment institutions started demanding CFA as an additional qualification so I must say that scope of CFA is vast not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. Most of all it helps you build your career like a professional and you can earn a lot of money in investment banking etc.

Cost of Program:         This program is costly and if you take classes with some accountancy school then its even more costly. Only registration to the program cost 400 US$ and exam costs from 650 to 955 US$. Click here for complete fee information.


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