How to Give Effective Class Presentation

Giving class presentations is a crucial task in todays study environment  because now more emphasis is given on practical work instead of theoretical work and to present your practical work you need to have some good presentation skills. Here I am not going to give you tips on presentation skills but I am going to figure out some mistakes done by most of the students and then how to overcome them. Following some points which you should avoid while giving presentation to make your presentation more effective and keep your audience attentive.

1. Talking with back to audience while writing on board:          You should not talk and write at the same time. prepare flip charts ahead of time when possible and if considerable board work is required, use overhead transparencies.

2. Using highly technical words or complex sentences:        If technical words must be used then provide definitions. Simplify language and sentences so meaning is clear.

3. Provide examples without much relevance to topic:        You don't need to provide unnecessary examples if those are not relevant to your topic so try to be focus on your main topic.

4. Reading rather than presenting:          Prepare an outline of points to be covered (Slides) rather than a word-for-word script. Be familiar with each point on the outline so that you are able to talk about it without looking at notes.

5. Speaking in a monotone:          To make your presentation effective you need to fluctuate your voice accordingly. For that purpose listen to TV or Radio commentators, pay close attention to when and how they change the tone and pitch of their voice. Practice fluctuating the tone and pitch of your voice before going for presentation. Use pauses in your presentation so you can think about how you want to say something.

6.Making distracting gestures:          Don't make irritating or distracting gestures in your presentation because that creates a bad impact on your presentation and also distractes the audience. You better present before some of your friends before actually going for presentation, your friends could tell you if you are making those gestures or not.

These were some of problems which you should avoid while giving your class presentation and also be focus on your dressing and be confident.


Brett Eliot said...

I have been giving presentations in my MBA courses. Believe me if you can understand the words then you can give a very good presentation. You can take presentation advices online from any sources ( OR and do practice before standing infront of your class mates..

Seth Dick said...

These would all the way help students regarding all those concerns which must have been followed by them. writing services australia

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