Types of Programming Languages

Though i know only basics of programming and 2 or 3 of programming languages, but here i would like to share three types of these languages which are used for different purposes. Programming Languages are actually used by programmers to write and create programs/instructions/codes for computers to execute. Following are the three types of programming languages:

  • HLL (High Level Language)
  • MLL (Middle Level Language)
  • LLL (Low Level Language)

HLL (High Level Language):

High Level Languages are used to create Application Softwares. T languages are close to human languages. These are not the machine languages, which are not understandable to human very well. Since computer understands only machine language so it needs to be converted into machine language so computer can execute the command.
Compiler or Interpreter converts the HLL into Machine Language.

Examples: HTML, FORTRAN, BASIC etc

LLL (Low Level Language):

Low Level Languages are machine languages. These are used to control hardwares/writing divers. It difficult and use Mnemonics.

Example: ASSEMBLY Language

MLL (Middle Level Languages):

Middle Level Language combines the elements of High Level Language and Low Level Language. These languages were created for the facility of programmer.

Examples: C, C++, VB, VC


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