Developing Questionnaire for Research

Questionnaire is tool used to collect data from sample in research. Developing questionnaire for research is not an art but a science. Because it require careful analysis of each item that it includes in order to make sure whether it measures what it is intended to measure or not. It should be valid and reliable. Validity is the accuracy of items while reliability is the consistency. There can be following situations in your research regarding developing questionnaire for research:

Developing Your Own Questionnaire

Developing your own questionnaire itself is a complete research and follows a rigorous data collection and analysis method. It is based of qualitative research. You have to discover the items that make a variable of your interest by collecting data from respondents. You use different statistical techniques such principle component analysis, exploratory factor analysis or other softwares that help you in your research of developing research questionnaire for research. The problem i have noticed with students is that they are not well of of the significance of this process. Immature research students immediately propose that they will develop the measurement tool by themselves neglecting the requirement of the tool being valid and reliable.

Using Existing Measures for Questionnaire 

When your using existing measure or already developed measurement items, you are either adapting or adopting the measures. Adapting means, making changes to the existing questions by yourself while adopting means adopting the questions as they are used by the researcher already. In all quantitative research it is appropriate to adapt or adopt the instrument keeping all the ethical constraints intact for developing questionnaire for research.

I hope its helpful for you. Provide your suggestions and feedback on this. Cheers!  


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