GCU Announced Admissions in MBA Program

Government College University's Management Studies Department has announced the admission schedule for 2011 MBA program. You can see the details of admission schedule of MBA program in GCU below.


Roberto said...

If there was ever a time when I might have thought of only doling out four stars, which there wasn't, I threw that idea right out the window. This college will make you a Master of Business Administration, and that's a fact.
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nancy john said...

I majored in Finance and Management. Mine was a great institution with a great faculty and provides a great education. Its location was even better!

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With Hold said...

An MBA is an education, you learn a lot of theory and such. You are paid for application. You can learn all you want about financial modeling or valuing a company.
Aloke Ghosh

Comlete Exclusive said...

Being fairly smart, hardworking and result-oriented, anyone from the most beautiful college campuses can get promotions and reach a good position in the management.

Unknown said...

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