Protest by Plant Pathology Students

Today is a tragic day for us as 3 students of Punjab University's department of Plant Pathology tried to end their lives while protesting against the non acceptance of their degrees by HEC. It all started when dozens of students of Institute of Mycology and Plant Pathology tried to visit VC's office but were stopped by administration as they closed the doors of Vice Chancellors office.
After being stopped, students started shouting for their rights i.e. the approval of the degree from HEC as their degree is not yet recognized by said authority. HEC's stand over this is that they can't recognize this degree as agricultural degree because the faculty of the Institute is not properly qualified for agricultural studies.
After hours of protest the students were so hopeless that few of them tried to kill themselves by putting oil on themselves. Luckily there were enough policemen present at the site to stop them from this act. But would stopping them once be enough or someone need to come up with some solutions for their problems.
I think CM Punjab should take action on this matter as I can't see any hope from Governor's side. We can't afford to ignore this issue now or we'll witness something really tragic.

I'll post a complete case of Plant Pathology soon. 


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