Options for Matric Result Awaiting Students

This post is for those students who just hit there first major milestone in their studies i,e giving exams for matriculation. Now as you are free from your exams and ready to do something so here are few options for you people.

First option is to join any Pre-Fsc session from one of the good academies like KIPS, Iftikhar Academy, Rana Academy etc etc. Why this is very hot and greatly chosen option is because now days there is a cut throat competition and parents don't want to waste a single day of their son/daughter in any activity other then study. They want there children to give their 100% time to their studies and become a doctor or engineer. So most of the result awaited students join any academy and starts studying.

2nd option is that you can join any course like language course, computer course, photography classes, etc etc. I you chose to go for this option I recommend you to first look at yourself, analyze yourself and then make any decision. For instance if your English is not too good then taking a good Language Course could help you better than joining the Pre-Fsc session. Likewise if you feel that you got some photography passion then go for it.

3rd option is get yourself involved in some kind of physical activities for instance you can join some cricket club or a football club, you could also start swimming for fun.

Now here is the last and most reasonable option for you people, Give Yourself A Space. Yes stop thinking about what will happen after 2 or 3 months . Relax yourself and have pure fun for some days after that start thinking about what you want to become, I repeat ask YOURSELF that what you want to become not your parents. One way to do this to look at your favorite subjects in Matric. If you like Maths then there is a possibility that you will do good in general science but if you love to done biology practicals then may be you need to chose medical. When you done with your own analysis then stop there and enjoy your holidays in some healthy activities. Because believe determining what you want to become is far more helpful than joining a Pre-Fsc session.    

This is what I believe is best for you, but you are free to chose your options as its your life :)


Brett Eliot said...

Another option for matric result awaiting students is that they can do some part time jobs for future experiences or can still apply in different colleges for further education and not wasting any time. Student always choose a secondary source for checking results that is online from any website like http://www.pakdirectory.net/Business_and_Economy/493998-18132.html or http://www.ilmkidunya.com/results/ etc..

Best opinion is to apply for part time jobs..

nancy john said...

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Edmond Hill said...

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