Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

If you are running a business, how do you think you can attract customers for you products and services? or even make them aware of your business and its products/services? Answer is simple, through communicating your products/services to the target audience. You will surely use different medias like advertisement on television, in newspaper, billboards or similar things.

Communicating your products/services in simple traditional manners may not appeal them that much, with ordinary advertisement or communication material they might think of it as ordinary or other just like other available stuff around. This situation can be troublesome for you and for success of your business. Now what should you do if you are facing such situation?

The answer to this question is to make your advertisement around Unique Selling Proposition of your product/service. Unique Selling Proposition is a distinguishing and unique benefit your product is offering to the customer. This would be your competitive edge as well. Highlight that benefit to your target audience in the advertisement, it will attract the customers; tell them that they are being offered something special, different which can satisfy them more than other products/services. They will be attracted to your offers and come to you. your USP can be a slogan in your advertisement or on billboard, representing the distinctive edge which is offered.

For instance:
"It's the real thing" Coca-Cola
"The ultimate driving machine" BMW
"The best a man can get" Gillette

Since making use of the advertisement in true sense is through enlightening key benefits of your products/services to make your business offers desirable to the target audience in comparison of the prevailing competitors can make you earn money out of it.


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