Stop Playing with Us HEC !

Nowdays Higher Education Commission is doing a non sense as usual. They are really making a fuss for the students of MBA. I mean HEC which is supposed to be an institute for the help and betterment of education in Pakistan and students of Pakistan but it is really taking some decisions which are making a huge uncertainty among all the higher level students. I am going to do my best to explain what they are doing for the "betterment" of students in Pakistan.

Now that is HEC old road map for MBA in Pakistan. As this map shows everything quit clearly which is alright in every aspect. But now they are doing some blunders or may be non sense is a better word to use.

You can see from the map above that for one year MBA students have to cover 30 to 36 credit hours and there is no time limit mentioned. But now HEC has declared that there is no more 1 year MBA, the minimum time limit imposed by HEC for MBA after 4 year business bachelors is 1.5 half years. Okay now if you are wondering that what is non-sense about that then here it is, the credit hours for MBA are remains the same that is 30 to 36 hrs. So one can conclude that HEC has wonderful thing for students by giving them 6 more months to study same courses which they can done in 1 year.

Same is the case with 2 year MBA and 3 year MBA, HEC has increased number of years by 6 months in both cases with same credit hours. Now no one can justify these blunder which HEC has done with us.

Its not me who is upset with these actions even HEC's National Curriculum Revision Committee members are took by surprised with this decision of HEC. I will not disclose the name of that Respectful Member who told me that "I am a member of HEC revision committee and I was one of them who made above given road map back in 2007 but HEC didn't inform me as well many others about this meeting and this decision took me by surprise".

After having this conversation I was forced to think that there must be some "hand" behind all this thing otherwise there is no logic to extend study duration of students.


Madiha Munawar said...

i agree this is quite unreasonable decision by HEC... if it remained forced then it is going to create inconvinience for students.. may be HEC wants to control increasing unemployement like as late the students will be out of the universities, the market would be comperatively less crowded with job seekers...

Jeremy R said...

This has even brought around understanding among the students and will favorably further help them to achieve more of the goals which they have been looking for even. conference article

nancy john said...

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